A bluffing game in explicit detail

Rev3Games Plays Deck Around

Posted by Chris Lesinski on January 13, 2014. 0 Comments

The Rev3Games crew decided to kick back and play a casual little game of Deck Around last week. Revision3's hosts Scott Bromley, Jackie Talbott, Zac Minor, Jessica Atkinson and Talia Chriqui gathered 'round a conference room for a rare "mature" version of their regular programming. Check out the video to hear someone say,"Either anal cavity or vagina, I'm not sure," and a pretty incredible occurrence during the penultimate round on the word "Cranston Gap" -- nearly all of the definitions were the same! 

Here are the words they played:

  • Up the duff
  • Gfad
  • Twitter bang
  • Cranston gap
  • Doggyknobber
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Deck Around -- Fully Funded on IndieGogo

Posted by Chris Lesinski on December 05, 2013. 0 Comments


Deck Around hit its crowdfunding on IndieGogo goal in only 8 short days! Big-ups to everyone who emailed, shared and contributed: it worked! I'm astounded by the response. This is an outrageous achievement, especially during a Thanksgiving weekend where nobody is spending money online and billions of dollars in Black Friday marketing are crowding out indie games like this one. 

Hitting the funding goal means that Deck Around will be a real, actual game made available for purchase here on the website. And the first more than 100 copies will go out to all backers on IndieGogo as a thank-you for their early support. 

- Chris


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