A bluffing game in explicit detail

Rev3Games Plays Deck Around

Posted by Chris Lesinski on January 13, 2014. 0 Comments

The Rev3Games crew decided to kick back and play a casual little game of Deck Around last week. Revision3's hosts Scott Bromley, Jackie Talbott, Zac Minor, Jessica Atkinson and Talia Chriqui gathered 'round a conference room for a rare "mature" version of their regular programming. Check out the video to hear someone say,"Either anal cavity or vagina, I'm not sure," and a pretty incredible occurrence during the penultimate round on the word "Cranston Gap" -- nearly all of the definitions were the same! 

Here are the words they played:

  • Up the duff
  • Gfad
  • Twitter bang
  • Cranston gap
  • Doggyknobber

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