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7 New Year's Resolutions for the Dedicated Board Game Geek

Posted by Chris Lesinski on January 01, 2024. 0 Comments

As the clock struck midnight, signaling the start of a new year, Alex, a seasoned board game enthusiast, gazed at his impressive collection. Each game was a memory, a challenge conquered, a world explored. But as the glittering remnants of fireworks faded into the night, Alex pondered, "What's next?"

I'm sharing 7 New Year's resolution ideas for board game hobbyists looking to expand their gaming horizons, get creative and have more fun playing games this year. With each idea, I've also suggested some immediate first steps so you can take action right away and thoughts on tracking your goal -- what gets measured, gets managed! 

1. Design Your Own Board Game
This year, step beyond the role of player and into the shoes of a creator. Start by sketching out your game's theme and mechanics. Keep a design journal to track your progress and ideas. For a twist, invite your board game group to test and offer feedback, turning it into a collaborative venture. This is how I started Deck Around

Next step: Jot down ideas that excite you. Consider mechanics you enjoy and themes that resonate.

Goals and tracking: Maintain a design diary. Document each stage, from concept to playtesting.

2. Host a Monthly/Weekly Game Night

(Alternative: start another game night with a new group!)

Transform your passion into a social staple. Organize a monthly game night, inviting friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts. Make each session unique – perhaps a new theme or featured game each time.

Next step: Choose a consistent day each month and send out invites. Prepare a few games to suit different tastes.

Goals and tracking: Keep a calendar or digital planner. Note what games were hits for future reference.

3. Learn a New Game Each Month
Broaden your gaming repertoire. Challenge yourself to learn and play a new game each month. This could be a recent release, a classic, or something outside your usual preferences. Don't just learn the rules-- delve into the strategies in blogs/forums or watch hints/tricks on YouTube. Spend the whole month on each game! 

Next step: Research upcoming releases or classics you've missed. Create a list and where to find them.

Goals and tracking: Keep a gaming journal. Note your first impressions and how your strategies evolve.

4. Volunteer at a Gaming Convention
Immerse yourself in the heart of the board gaming community. PAX is an obvious huge one but there are smaller local board game conventions (like Strategicon, near me) Volunteering at a convention is a fantastic way to meet creators, learn about new trends, and give back to the community. It also gets you in free! 

Next steps: Look up local or national conventions. Reach out to organizers about volunteering opportunities. You're just an email away! 

Goals and tracking: Document your experiences in a blog or social media. Share insights and encounters.

5. Play Games from Different Cultures
Embrace the global nature of board gaming. Each month, select a game from a different culture or country. This will not only enhance your gaming experience but also enrich your understanding of global gaming perspectives.

Next Steps: Research international board games. Look for recommendations in gaming forums or communities. Start a timeline of each month themed against each game. Be sure to budget for international shipping time! 

Goals and tracking: Create a world map pinboard. Pin each game to its country of origin.

6. Complete a Board Game Challenge
Set a specific gaming goal: like playing 100 games in a year, or playing every game in your collection at least once. This can add an element of challenge and achievement to your gaming routine. You're gamifying your gaming! Make it ambitious but achievable.

Next steps: Define your challenge. Decide on the number of games or plays. Design a tracker you can hang on the wall to visualize your progress! 

Goals and tracking: Use a gaming app or spreadsheet to log your progress. Celebrate milestones.

7. Join or Start a Board Game Club
If you're not already part of a club, now's the time. If one doesn't exist, start your own! This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and share your passion. You can find local game groups on Reddit or Facebook. Local game stores often hold clubs or gaming nights too. But don't sleep on starting your own group -- this could be a way to spread your passion. 

Next steps: Research local clubs or start your own. Use social media to connect with potential members.

Goals and tracking: Keep a club diary. Note each meeting's games, winners, and memorable moments.

In the midst of these resolutions, don't forget to have fun and keep things light occasionally. For a hilarious break, consider my party game Deck Around. It's a perfect palate cleanser between more intense gaming sessions – a chance to laugh and unwind.

As you embark on these resolutions, remember, each game played, each connection made, and each challenge conquered enriches your journey as a board game geek. And who knows, perhaps your next game night might unveil the next legendary board game?

Will your new year be the one where you design the next big hit in the board gaming world?

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