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Example Game of Deck Around -- One HYSTERICAL Round

Posted by Chris Lesinski on February 10, 2014. 3 Comments

I was playing Deck Around the other night with my pals and we landed on oil check

It was SO hilarious, I just had to post about it -- and I figured, it would be nice to show a written-out demo round in case you're wondering what the gameplay is like. See if you can guess the real definition.

Here's what we played:


"checking your underwear after believing you pooped your pants"

"the payment due after a greasy session in the tanning salon"

"when a man inspects the lubrication status and discharge of his lady (smell, texture, taste) to test the quality of their sexual relationship"

"that's why we don't live on the prairie"


Pretty hysterical so far, right? We were already dying laughing at this point and there are still 3 more definitions... 

"when a girl thinks her period is over so she has a guy try to stick his penis in there to see if it comes out clean"

"a wrestling move where you sneak your finger in or near an opponent's asshole to throw them off guard"

"sticking one finger in the anus to ensure the butt hole is clean and ready for anal intercourse"


BOY -- those got a little nasty at the end there! 

If you're dying to know the true definition of "oil check" there's only one sure way to track it down... pick up your copy of the full game:

If you landed here through Google and have no f'ing clue what I'm talking about in this post... this is an example round of the hysterical party game, Deck Around -- where you trick friends into believing your bogus definitions for obscure slang words. Hope it gave you a chuckle. 


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