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Best Deck Around Review So Far...

Posted by Chris Lesinski on February 10, 2014. 0 Comments

Hey Deck Around pals! 

If you sign up to get the free PDF of Deck Around, I send out an email following up a few days later... I ask for players' honest, true feedback after playing Deck Around, and I read every single email. It's all because I want to continuously improve the game. I want more laughs in every round! 

Well, I've gotten a TON of responses. 

One was by far my favorite, so I have to share it... one guy said: "I laughed so hard I farted."

I mean, how classic is that? When I read that, I laughed so hard I farted too! In fact, laughing so hard you fart sounds like something right out of Deck Around. "Giggle farts" or "larting" or "the laughing gas"... Is there actually a slang phrase for this occurrence somewhere in the world? I bet there is.

Thanks for all your thoughtful reviews and feedback. You can always email me if you have more. 

And if you and your friends larted too, pick up a copy

- Chris


PS... If you're looking for more rave reviews, you can check a couple out, which I've quoted here! 

"A conceptually hilarious game!" - OmniGamer
"I highly recommend this party game for anyone trying to find a new way to lighten the mood in any situation." - Mission Start
"Gotta love the retro art" - KitGuru
"All the ridiculous surprise of Cards Against Humanity" - Uber Apparatus

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