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7 New Year's Resolutions for the Dedicated Board Game Geek

Posted by Chris Lesinski on January 01, 2024. 0 Comments

As the clock struck midnight, signaling the start of a new year, Alex, a seasoned board game enthusiast, gazed at his impressive collection. Each game was a memory, a challenge conquered, a world explored. But as the glittering remnants of fireworks faded into the night, Alex pondered, "What's next?"

I'm sharing 7 New Year's resolution ideas for board game hobbyists looking to expand their gaming horizons, get creative and have more fun playing games this year. With each idea, I've also suggested some immediate first steps so you can take action right away and thoughts on tracking your goal -- what gets measured, gets managed! 

1. Design Your Own Board Game
This year, step beyond the role of player and into the shoes of a creator. Start by sketching out your game's theme and mechanics. Keep a design journal to track your progress and ideas. For a twist, invite your...

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6 Impromptu Party Games - Start playing an icebreaker game at a moment's notice

Posted by Chris Lesinski on December 15, 2022. 0 Comments

When people first arrive at a party, they may feel shy or unsure of how to start a conversation with someone they don't know well. The best solution is a great party game -- which is why I made Deck Around. Here's what a game like that can do:

  • Party games provide a structured and fun way for people to introduce themselves and learn more about each other. 
  • They can also help to set the tone for the party and get people in a more relaxed and social mindset.
  • By playing a fun game together and laughing together, people can bond over shared experiences and inside jokes, and this can help to create a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the party. 
  • Party games can even be a great way to get people moving and interacting physically. Many games involve some level of physical activity, whether it's standing in a circle, grabbing...
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Party Games Over Zoom and Hangouts - Still Shipping Deck Around During Covid-19 Outbreak

Posted by Chris Lesinski on April 19, 2020. 7 Comments

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon, Deck Around is still shipping during the coronavirus outbreak. The Deck Around supply chain is 100% in the United States so our supply chain has yet to be impacted by international travel bans. Our entire team works remotely which has enabled Deck Around to continue to operate despite party games publishers most certainly not qualifying as an essential business. 

Buying a copy of Deck Around is a great way to support a US-based small business during a very difficult economic time! Party games are an awesome way to help you feel more connected with your friends and family despite keeping a safe distance which brings me to...

Alternative Social Distancing Gameplay for Deck Around

Deck Around is still playable via Zoom, Hangouts, Houseparty, FaceTime and other video conferencing apps. Zoom and Discord the the most straight-forward solutions because you'll need some form of direct-messaging...

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Best Board Games for Adults

Posted by Madeleine Taylor on February 09, 2017. 15894 Comments

“Aren’t we a little too old to be playing board games?” – Dr. No One EVER

Why? Simply because board games are awesome. That’s why! It’s not only about eating or drinking or watching episode after episode of Game of Thrones. It’s also about game night! It doesn’t matter about the theme of a reunion (unless it’s a funeral, but even then…) board games and strategy games can almost always appeal to all ages and personalities and be great silence breakers, bond makers and even be conversation starters.

We all remember hours of fun with our favorite game like the classic game Hungry Hippo, snake and ladders, scavenger hunt, card games, and other great icebreaker games - those memories stay with us forever. Nowadays, however, it's all about game play. With board games being so evolved, great game play means everything and there's a plethora...

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6 More Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Posted by Chris Lesinski on January 09, 2017. 10 Comments


Games like Cards Against Humanity

Image credit: Connie Ma

Cards Against Humanity is and was a smash hit for college folks and the party crowd, a behemoth among tabletop franchises, and the main reason your mother no longer comes over to play board games.

Thing is, while CAH itself is a great game and a good introductory experience for new gamers, most new players often transition straight from making hilariously offensive joke stories about celebrities to scratching their heads about resource management statistics or arguing with game store owners for their money back on a really bad indie game. The world of tabletop gaming is a vast wilderness for the uninitiated, which is why we grace your homes with our own game for Cards Against Humanity fans. It’s Deck Around and it’s...

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A Small Business Saturday Story! -- Holidays 2014 Was Total Chaos

Posted by Chris Lesinski on November 26, 2016. 3 Comments

Want to know why I sweated through my nicest suit in Dec 2014?

This is the story of my 4th quarter crisis in 2014 which I sent to email subscribers last year. I found it while looking through other things and decided it was worth re-posting in honor of Small Business Saturday. It's the perfect small biz story! 

And all the holiday deals that result are happening again in 2016 -- Enjoy! 


First, I want to tell you why almost had a panic attack a year ago. It's a funny story.

After that, I'll tell you about why this matters for YOU. Because it does. You're getting something free out of this whole ordeal!

Last year was the first holiday season for Deck Around. I had a feeling it would be big but I had no idea how huge it would be... I completely...

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Now Accepting Apple Pay

Posted by Chris Lesinski on November 24, 2016. 1 Comment

Not everyone has a credit card! Especially not if you're swimming in student debt (or about to be). So I'm always looking for more ways to accept more payments. And now, we're officially accepting Apple Pay -- just select it during your checkout (in the "customer information" section, above where you enter your address). 

This adds Apple Pay to my already excessive quantity of trustworthy and reliable payment methods including: 

  • Paypal - the most popular!
  • BitCoin - yes, really! 
  • The usual CC's - Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Amex - does anyone have one of these?
  • Diners club - OF COURSE

Hope all these options make Deck Around even more likely to land under the tree for you and your friends. 

Troubleshooting Apple Pay

Apple Pay is just a LITTLE finicky and the "Buy with Apple Pay" button won't appear unless you're eligible to pay that way. On an iPad or iPhone, it's...

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New Cards, New Weird Slang Words -- An All New Deck Around

Posted by Chris Lesinski on September 24, 2015. 4 Comments

Hey Deckheads!

I just rolled out some all-new updates to Deck Around thanks to your feedback. If you subscribe to the email list, you were among the first people to find out about this! (You can join the email list by downloading the free version or purchasing the complete version of Deck Around.) 

Here are just a FEW of the new updates: 

  • 14 brand-new words replacing some old words that weren't as fun
  • Completely re-written definitions to help them seamlessly blend in with your bullshit made-up definitions
  • Improved cardstock that's more durable and has a black core which means none of your dick friends will be able to see through the cards

This is the biggest update yet to Deck Around! Now's a great time to buy a copy.

See? I really do read all your feedback emails! Keep 'em coming. 

One of...

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4 Best Sentences That Use Every Letter in the Alphabet -- My Favorite English Language Pangrams

Posted by Chris Lesinski on September 06, 2015. 20 Comments

Tonight I was having drinks with some family when we became consumed by a giant set of interlocking foam letters for the children which laid on the floor. The toy from Target has one of each letter and we wondered what full sentences or phrases we could spell with it. And that's when I discovered the word "pangram" -- that's a sentence that uses every letter in the alphabet at least once.

We all probably know "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" which is commonly used to demonstrate fonts and letters but there are many more pangrams and some of them really cracked us up. When you're limited to so few characters and letters, funny stuff happens. 

That's why I thought I'd share them with Deck Around fans! As dirty and hilarious as Deck Around is, it's a word game at heart that the plays on...

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Dirty Party Games -- List of Wild Games for Adult Get Togethers

Posted by Chris Lesinski on November 30, 2014. 287 Comments

Offensive, wild, energetic, immature -- whatever you're looking for in a dirty party game, I can only assume two things: 1) you're looking for fun and 2) you're hoping to laugh your asses off. If so, you've come to the right place. 

I've studied party games more than anyone, especially the "dirty" genre, and here's a list of the best options. 

Before we jump into dirty party games, let's understand their father -- the plain old "party game." Music and movies have different genres which target different audiences... and so do tabletop games. "Party games" are a whole subset of games that are designed differently to specifically meet the unique needs of a party: large groups, short attention spans (drinking!) and sometimes award relationships that need some mingling and ice-breaking. You can imagine how poorly Monopoly would work in a party atmosphere like I just described. 

"Dirty" party games are yet...

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