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New Cards, New Weird Slang Words -- An All New Deck Around

Posted by Chris Lesinski on September 24, 2015. 4 Comments

Hey Deckheads!

I just rolled out some all-new updates to Deck Around thanks to your feedback. If you subscribe to the email list, you were among the first people to find out about this! (You can join the email list by downloading the free version or purchasing the complete version of Deck Around.) 

Here are just a FEW of the new updates: 

  • 14 brand-new words replacing some old words that weren't as fun
  • Completely re-written definitions to help them seamlessly blend in with your bullshit made-up definitions
  • Improved cardstock that's more durable and has a black core which means none of your dick friends will be able to see through the cards

This is the biggest update yet to Deck Around! Now's a great time to buy a copy.

See? I really do read all your feedback emails! Keep 'em coming. 

One of the coolest changes is the new card stock, so I'll take a minute to explain it. This is a 305 gsm card stock with a black core used by thousands of popular games including Magic The Gathering. 

Many playing cards are made just using two pieces of thick paper glued together. The black core used in premium cards is basically a layer of tar between the two sheets that reinforces the card and makes it really hard to see through, even in direct light. The new card stock:  

  • Snaps quicker
  • Shuffles better
  • Is more durable
  • Has a better edge quality
  • And, has a smoother finish so that the cards don't feel as rough against each other

You might not care about that sort of thing unless you're a card game dork though! What's probably a little more exciting are the new words and definitions! The new definition copy and slang words have been suggested by users like you and the entire game has gone under the scrutiny of heavy testing (game designers call this pretentious process, "playtesting"). This means the new version of Deck Around is truly the best version of the game yet. 

But that's not all. In this update, I made a bunch of other additions, so in an effort to be complete with this blog post, here are the others: 

  • Added the hashtag #deckaround to remind folks to share silly definitions and words online
  • Clarified the rules to avoid confusion around assigning points when someone votes for their own word
  • Added a line to the "short" rules to help new people learn the game faster
  • Re-formated the PDF so that it prints better on 8.5x11" paper
  • Updated some game specs for accuracy
  • Added an official, unique UPC
  • Removed one golf pencil to keep it consistent with the number of submission pads which was confusing before (you can always use scratch paper, download additional answer pads and use your own writing utensils!)

Here's the link to get the new game again:

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