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Party Games Over Zoom and Hangouts - Still Shipping Deck Around During Covid-19 Outbreak

Posted by Chris Lesinski on April 19, 2020. 7 Comments

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon, Deck Around is still shipping during the coronavirus outbreak. The Deck Around supply chain is 100% in the United States so our supply chain has yet to be impacted by international travel bans. Our entire team works remotely which has enabled Deck Around to continue to operate despite party games publishers most certainly not qualifying as an essential business. 

Buying a copy of Deck Around is a great way to support a US-based small business during a very difficult economic time! Party games are an awesome way to help you feel more connected with your friends and family despite keeping a safe distance which brings me to...

Alternative Social Distancing Gameplay for Deck Around

Deck Around is still playable via Zoom, Hangouts, Houseparty, FaceTime and other video conferencing apps. Zoom and Discord the the most straight-forward solutions because you'll need some form of direct-messaging capability to play the game. If you use Hangouts or FaceTime, you can still make DMing work by using Instagram DMs, SMS or iMessage. Here's how the gameplay works:

  • Your "mod" will need to have the Deck Around deck. They can disregard the rest of the supplies in the box. The mod picks a card and reads the word to the group over video chat. 
  • Players will secretly submit their definitions directly to the mod via a direct private message. 
  • The mod collects all the definitions, and reads them into the video chat in a random order. 

The key is basically to do all the social and fun parts of the game over video and then the secret definition submission over direct message. 

It's harder to rotate the "mod" position among the group unless everyone has a copy of the game at home. You can certainly find a way to rotate the mod if you must though! 

Stay well and have fun. 

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