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Now Accepting Apple Pay

Posted by Chris Lesinski on November 24, 2016. 1 Comment

Not everyone has a credit card! Especially not if you're swimming in student debt (or about to be). So I'm always looking for more ways to accept more payments. And now, we're officially accepting Apple Pay -- just select it during your checkout (in the "customer information" section, above where you enter your address). 

This adds Apple Pay to my already excessive quantity of trustworthy and reliable payment methods including: 

  • Paypal - the most popular!
  • BitCoin - yes, really! 
  • The usual CC's - Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Amex - does anyone have one of these?
  • Diners club - OF COURSE

Hope all these options make Deck Around even more likely to land under the tree for you and your friends. 

Troubleshooting Apple Pay

Apple Pay is just a LITTLE finicky and the "Buy with Apple Pay" button won't appear unless you're eligible to pay that way. On an iPad or iPhone, it's pretty turnkey and should appear if you have the latest OS. On desktop, you must be using Safari on iOS 10 or macOS Sierra and your phone must be close by, bluetooth enabled and using the same iCloud account. 

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