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4 Best Sentences That Use Every Letter in the Alphabet -- My Favorite English Language Pangrams

Posted by Chris Lesinski on September 06, 2015. 20 Comments

Tonight I was having drinks with some family when we became consumed by a giant set of interlocking foam letters for the children which laid on the floor. The toy from Target has one of each letter and we wondered what full sentences or phrases we could spell with it. And that's when I discovered the word "pangram" -- that's a sentence that uses every letter in the alphabet at least once.

We all probably know "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" which is commonly used to demonstrate fonts and letters but there are many more pangrams and some of them really cracked us up. When you're limited to so few characters and letters, funny stuff happens. 

That's why I thought I'd share them with Deck Around fans! As dirty and hilarious as Deck Around is, it's a word game at heart that the plays on language and meaning. It's a language challenge the same way creating a pangram is. 

Here are my favorites, primarily based on the laughs they generated: 

Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. -- This is just the hands-down winner because of the hilarious demanding tone. Plus, it implies binge drinking. 

Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes. -- There's an odd balance of truth and contradiction at play here. How coherent for an awkward alphabet challenge! 

JFK got my VHS, PC and XLR web quiz. -- MAJOR bonus points for only using 26 letters and each one exactly once while still making a political and technological statement. 

No kidding -- Lorenzo called off his trip to Mexico City just because they told him the conquistadors were extinct. -- There's so much going on here, what's not to love? We're along for a whole story on this one complete with character development. Love the use of "conquistadors" and "no kidding." 

In the end, we discovered that there are almost no coherent sentences that only use 26 letters and we settled for writing something about packing boxes with jungles and leaving out a bunch of foam letters. It's fine. The kid won't need to learn all those letters anyway. 

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