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Holiday Discount for Winter's Funniest Party Game -- Cyber Monday Deals!

Posted by Chris Lesinski on November 20, 2014. 1 Comment

I struggled with how to get you a discount on Deck Around for the holidays. I’m not Amazon or Best Buy. I can’t discount one product and hope you buy another. I only have one product! I’m an indie game.

I figured out an odd way to fix that: by turning my one game into two games. Or four.

I’m packaging Deck Around in bundles with multiple copies for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. You get a discount plus you get gifts for your friends. For the rest of the month you’ve got two great options:

Double Decker (24% off)

Two copies of Deck Around for only $55: One for you, one for a friend. Do this now >>

Finish your Holiday shopping (31% off)

Four copies for $99 because holy shit, you're probably already tired of holiday shopping. Do this now and end the pain >>

That's not all!

For the first time ever, you can get Deck Around with FREE SHIPPING*! No need to bump up and pay for expedited shipping -- all orders will arrive in time for Christmas. 

It’s time to Deck Around the Halls! Only available this month.


*Here's how Deck Around's free holiday shipping works: On the first 300 domestic orders made on this website, I'll cover the shipping. And I'll even do you one better... no need to ask for rushed delivery or pay for a shipping upgrade to get it in time for the holidays. All orders will arrive in time for Christmas. I can't do a free shipping like this for international orders because it's so expensive. Instead, you'll find a roughly $10 discount on all international shipping prices. Thanks for reading the fine print! 

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