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IndieCade 2014 GameSlam -- 100-Second Pitches of New Indie Games

Posted by Chris Lesinski on October 12, 2014. 1 Comment

Deck Around was selected for this year's IndieCade GameSlam -- a thrilling event in the IndieCade village where 12 games got a chance to pitch their game on the main stage in under 100 seconds! Deck Around was the only physical game selected. 

The GameSlam event was hosted by (and created by) legendary game designer Teddy Diefenbach and Ashly Burch from the gaming webshow "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'" and they ensured a smooth and fun show! 

100 seconds is NO TIME. There's seriously NO TIME. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to present Deck Around this way.

I crammed in a demo round of Deck Around which went something like this: 

Deck Around is a party game; a cross between Balderdash and Urban Dictionary. It's a physical game.
There are over 100 words in the deck like Boston Blowfish and masturdating. First, you pick a random card, like this word: TOSSING GRITS. (I had the word written on a board on an easel.)
Next, you and your friends write made up but convincing-sounding definitions for this phrase and anonymously hand them in. One person mixes in the REAL definition. We don't have time, so I wrote some examples! [These were also on a board, on an easel.)
  1. Shaving your body hair and selling it on Craigslist
  2. When you throw up your breakfast during a hangover
  3. A prank where dung is thrown at someone like a snow ball
Now, everyone picks which one they think is the REAL definition. What do you guys think? (Everyone shouted out B!) 
The correct answer is A – you get two points if you guessed for that one. But usually, people fall for someone else's bullshit definition -- which earns its author a point for each guess. You can download Deck Around FREE at
Thanks for decking around with me!


And with that simple demo, I only had 4 seconds to spare! 

There were a ton of other enthusiastic and creative presentations in the 2014 GameSlam. I was honored to be among them! I can't thank IndieCade enough for supporting indie games like Deck Around. 


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