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What Does "Deck Around" Mean? -- Definition and Explanation

Posted by Chris Lesinski on September 30, 2014. 1 Comment

Every so often a curious person asks me what exactly “deck around” means outside of being the name of my fantastic game, Deck Around. I’ll tell you in a bit.

But first, because Deck Around is a game all about definitions, here’s the only definition that really matters to a newcomer:

deck around | dek əˈround | a hilarious party game about ridiculous urban language; each round, players trick friends into believing their made-up definition for slang words by anonymously writing them out and handing them in

Got it? If you need more of an explanation, visit the main page here.

Besides its new meaning as the title of this game, “deck around” is not much more than a made-up play on the phrase “dick around.” Given that most modern slang is based on innuendo, double-entendres and adult language (masturdating, oil check, dutch oven, etc), it seemed only fitting that the title of a game about this kind of silliness would also be one such made up phrase.

It has the primary benefit of just saying everything I could hope for in two words: this card game is a bunch of dicking around.

It has the added benefits of:
  • not being so outrageously offensive that it can’t be displayed in stores
  • being relatively unique; having its exact domain available
  • working really well as a verb: “Hey Roger, how about we Deck Around tonight?”
That’s about it.

To me, naming a game or a company has a lot more to do with creating a great product or service that comes to explain the brand’s meaning than the other way around. When it came time to name this game, I listed a hundred options and Deck Around was about as good as any other.

Have you come to understand “deck around” as something else? Have you seen it used any other ways online or in your part of the world? Please leave a comment and tell me about it!

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