A bluffing game in explicit detail

Deck Around

Deck Around


The full game comes with everything you need to party with Deck Around and author immature definitions: 

  • 106 rounds of gameplay in a deck of cards... that’s a big deck!

  • 400 sheets of answer paper -- after that, you’re on your own (you'll survive)

  • 6 mini pencils we stole from a public golf course

  • 1 sexy shrink wrapped box that holds it all perfectly, with the complete rules printed on the back

  • 0 dice, game boards or little plastic houses

And all that good stuff is MADE IN THE USA for those folks who care about that sort of thing. 


BONUS: We'll also hook you up with a complete print-and-play PDF of the game so you can print it up and play it now. Like literally, right now. Even though we're still shipping you the full game. 


What's going on with these other options? 

Select "Full Game + BONUS PDF" if you just want the game sent to your home. 

If you choose to "Download Full Game as PDF," you'll be emailed a PDF version of the complete game -- that means no fancy box or golf pencils! But you can still play the whole game, you'll just need to print it out and cut it up yourself. 

If you're still having cold feet after all this, we'll email you a free version of the game as a PDF (at the bottom of every page), which is good enough to play a couple rounds and see if you and your friends like it. 

$7.99 $39.99