A bluffing game in explicit detail

Press Kit -- Deck Around



Deck Around is the party game of anonymous bluffing and hilarious urban language -- you're going to trick your friends into believing your made-up definition for more than 100 obscure (mostly vulgar) slang words. 


The Story

Deck Around began as a game played among my exclusive group of friends... a ghetto version jotted down on scraps of paper. I'm Chris Lesinski, the creator of Deck Around. After years of laughs and many pints of beer I decided a more fluid, printed version would be relatively easy to create and distribute. I focused day and night for about 10 weeks on developing the components, the words, the branding and the supply chain. It culminated in a crowdfunding campaign that hit its goal in only 8 days and the unique product that Deck Around is today. 

Demo Games and Review Copies

Please contact me to receive a review copy of the game:

I'm also available for interviews. If you plan to play Deck Around live on a podcast or video show, I'm happy to moderate the game live or via Skype and I can make a version available that's ideal for broadcasts.  


You can download high-res images here. Contact me if you require specific imagery or specifications. 


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