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The Secret to Fun Nights

Posted by Chris Lesinski on April 22, 2014. 0 Comments

"This sucks. I'm going to pee due to boredom." 


Ever had a boring Friday night?

You and millions of others. 

Everyone has.

You’ve got all the right people, all your best friends. But before you know it, everyone is on their phones, texting. Not a smile in sight. 

Or maybe it’s the wrong group of people — an awkward party! We’ve all had one of those too. Small talk, long pauses. No smiles, no fun. 

Lots of folks resort to alcohol. Sure, bring the booze! But alcohol doesn’t cure a boring night either. 

It’s almost like there’s one little missing ingredient that makes an evening more fun. It’s true. There’s a secret “energy” you need to inject that enlivens a group of people. 

A great occasion or celebration enlivens a night. 

The right theme enlivens a night. 

Sometimes a person enlivens a night. They call him “the life of the party.” 

Party games like Deck Around enliven a night too. 

You don’t have to plan an elaborate theme night or a party. You don't have to keep a copy of Deck Around on your bookshelf either (even though it would definitely help)!

But you definitely have to think about where that energy is going to come from because it won't happen on its own. 

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